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News from Finland

This is an experimental news service that offers news from Finland in English. Inquiries by email: [email protected]

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Tom of Finland game and chat apps seek funding

Tom of Finland is a known brand that is used by companies such as the Finnish Post, Finlayson and Robert Paulig. Now there is on going work to bring Tom of Finland to the mobile with chat, games and other digital produc…

Police tracks down a Batmobile on a highway in Finland

The Finnish police noticed a suspicious vehicle on the road. The car being transported on a trailer and proved to be the only Batmobile of it's kind in existence. The car is made with a Warner Brothers license and is th…

Virte Solar roof sheeting with integrated solar panels

The Virte Solar manufactures and markets roof sheeting with integrated solar panels. The Finnish company's solar roof is the first product available for purchase at large scale. The company manufactures the roof sheetin…