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This is an experimental news service that offers news from Finland in English. Inquiries by email: [email protected]

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Summer in Finland: Man meets bear

Man gets in a tight spot in Pori on Saturday morning while going to do some bird watching. Jan Wessberg from Pori got into a tight spot on Saturday morning. Jan reports on his encounter in his blog.The man was on his wa…

Police finds dead body in abandoned car

A fatal traffic accident took the life of a local in Rantasalmi, Finland. South Savo police got message of a car that had swerved off the road in Rantasalmi. Inside the car the police found a dead local young man.The po…

Police Shoots Gunman in Helsinki City Centre

The police had to resort to a firearm to take down a gunman in the Helsinki City centre. A gunman was shot on at noon in the Helsinki City centre, at the Baana bicycle way.The recklessly behaving man had a fir…