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Expediting student housing application processing with Software Robotics

HOAS is an organisation that provides students' affordable housing in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Due to the seasonality of the target audience, the application process is often very slow in July as student acceptance is confirmed. Now the company is deploying Software Robotics to accelerate the process.

Written by Janita on Tuesday July 4, 2017
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The hangover cure pill from Finland - Rohtos Detoxformula

The Finnish company Rohtos has started selling it's hangover pill Detoxformula in it's online store. The pill is a dietary supplement that protects the brain and body while drinking alcohol and also the next day. The pill alledgely also provides protection from other toxins.

Written by Janita on Wednesday June 21, 2017
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The top ten deadliest animals in Finland

Finland is a boring place. This nordic country does not have much to write home about. There are no earth quakes, no alligators, no sharks in the water...

Written by Janita on Saturday June 3, 2017
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A talented developer can earn up to 15.000 Euros a month in Finland

Developers have become a highly sought after resource in Finland. The true race is for "super coders" that can both program and do business development. To find these rare talents, companies working in the field pay handsome recruitment bonuses and take part in competitions for best employer with the best perks, etc.

Written by Janita on Thursday May 11, 2017
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The average IT salary in Finland is 4000 Euro in 2017

The finnish IT workers union, Tietoalan toimihenkilöt, has published it's salary statistics for 2017. According to the survery the average salary in Finland is 4000 Euro and the median wages are 4041 a month.

Written by Janita on Friday March 24, 2017
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KymiRing racing track in Finland seeks for a Formula 1 grading

The KymiRing track that is being built in Iitti, Finland is seeking the highest grading for motor racing. FIA is the body governing the approval and if they approve this, it would allow not only MotoGP races in Finland, but a Formula 1 Grand prix as well.

Written by Janita on Thursday February 2, 2017
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