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Talented's top 50 developer friendly IT-companies to work for in Finland

There are plenty of jobs for developers in Finland. Large cities like Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku all have plenty of open jobs for software professionals. This can lead to some (positive) trouble, as it can be hard to choose between companies that seem identical from the outside.

Written by Janita on Tuesday February 6, 2018
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Rohtos Suoja hangover prevention pills on sale online, shipping globally

Rohtos Labs is a company designing and manufacturing dietary supplements. One of the products the company claims to have done is come up with the cure to hangover.

Previously only available in Finland the Rohtos Suoja pills are now available globally through the company's online store.

Written by Janita on Saturday February 3, 2018
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Taxi deregulation brings cheap rides and innovation to Finland in 2018

Taxi transportation is deregulated in Finland in July 2018. The market moves from a system where the number of taxi licenses was limited to one where there are no arbitrary limits. This opens up the market for new players. One of them is Fixutaxi that brings flat rate 10 € rides to the capital Helsinki.

Written by Janita on Thursday February 1, 2018
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An Owl photobombs a Traffic Camera

A few weeks ago two traffic traffic duty officers in Tampere, Finland were surprised. One of the cameras caught unusual motion. They decided to move the camera remotely and saw that it was an owl.

Written by Janita on Wednesday January 31, 2018
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