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Finnish forest industry making a comeback on the back of bioproduce

Finland is a country with vast forests. Currently it is estimated there are around 22 billion trees in the country, supporting a significant industry. Produce from chemical and mechanical forest industry makes for a fifth of exports of the country, a number that has steadily decreased from the 1960's.

Written by Janita on Friday February 9, 2018
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Railroad tunnel could take passengers from Helsinki to Tallinn in 30 minutes

Talks of a tunnel connecting the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn is something that continues to be a topic of discussion. The planned 100 kilometer undersea tunnel connecting the two capitals would be unsustainable as a business. Government officials say the boost to both economies would make up for operating losses.

Written by Janita on Wednesday February 7, 2018
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Talented's top 50 developer friendly IT-companies to work for in Finland

There are plenty of jobs for developers in Finland. Large cities like Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku all have plenty of open jobs for software professionals. This can lead to some (positive) trouble, as it can be hard to choose between companies that seem identical from the outside.

Written by Janita on Tuesday February 6, 2018
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