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Sample consumption taxes in Finland

The Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF) has released their annual calculations consumption taxes in selected products. When a consumer buys products they pay mostly Value Added Tax (VAT), but some products also have production taxes.

Written by Janita on Sunday February 11, 2018
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Finnish forest industry making a comeback on the back of bioproduce

Finland is a country with vast forests. Currently it is estimated there are around 22 billion trees in the country, supporting a significant industry. Produce from chemical and mechanical forest industry makes for a fifth of exports of the country, a number that has steadily decreased from the 1960's.

Written by Janita on Friday February 9, 2018
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Railroad tunnel could take passengers from Helsinki to Tallinn in 30 minutes

Talks of a tunnel connecting the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn is something that continues to be a topic of discussion. The planned 100 kilometer undersea tunnel connecting the two capitals would be unsustainable as a business. Government officials say the boost to both economies would make up for operating losses.

Written by Janita on Wednesday February 7, 2018
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