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eSports college education in Finland

Helsinki Evangelical College HEO is seeking students for it's courses for the 2018-2019 semester. One of the new courses is full time studies in Electronic Sports, known as eSports.

Written by Janita on Tuesday March 27, 2018
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Payday loan advertisement ban on the Consumers Union agenda in Finland

Small short-term unsecured loans known as payday loans are popular around the world. The terms and high interest rate in these "cash advances" can be deceitful, which is why the Consumers Union in Finland wants to curb the advertisement of these so-called pikavippi loans.

Written by Janita on Sunday March 25, 2018
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Certum Phone Android smartphone to provide the best signal reception

Plans about the Certum Phone smartphone were first released at the Mobile World Congress 2018 industry convention in Barcelona. Now Zero Reception, the Finnish company behind the Android powered smartphone says it's ready to start it's crowdfunding program on Indiegogo.

Written by Janita on Saturday March 24, 2018
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