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Expediting student housing application processing with Software Robotics

HOAS is an organisation that provides students' affordable housing in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Due to the seasonality of the target audience, the application process is often very slow in July as student acceptance is confirmed. Now the company is deploying Software Robotics to accelerate the process.

According to HOAS they say that with the aid of software robotics application times can be reduced by as much as 50% from before during peak times. This current period in July is the busiest time of the year, and with customer service struggling to process over a thousand applications a day this can provide a significantly better customer experience.

"Our main target is to shorten the time it takes to process applications. When the applications' pre-processing is automated, the service personnel can use their time more efficiently - helping customers and making housing offers to students', states Riikka Pulkka in a news bulletin.

The robot is initially used only for checking basic information in the application forms. Jonas Stjernberg from Eera states that software robotics is a continuously growing industry and can outperform employees in routine jobs that do not require human consideration. By moving routine jobs time is freed for more motivating and challenging tasks.

Eera is the company who has been HOAS' partner in the project. Hoas has recently embraced digital services and offers many innovative services such as a Tinder-like service that allows students to find matching flat mates. This service is called HOAS Matchie.

Written by Janita on Tuesday July 4, 2017
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