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First DrupelCon in Finland Confirmed!

Drupal is a powerful Web Content Management System (WCMS) that is used by all kinds of different sites all around the world. In addition to being just a technology, Drupal is a happy community of thousands of people coming together to create great Open Source Software.

One thing that makes Drupal truly stand out of the crowd are the events held by the community. In events such as DrupalCamps and DrupalCons people come together and discuss about the awesomeness of Drupal and have fun together.

It's a great loving family, but there has never been a DrupelCon held in Finland. There have been smaller DrupalCamp events, but never a fully fledged global DrupelCon. But in 2016 that is about to change as a group of Drupal enthusiasts are putting all the bits and pieces for a great Drupal event in 2016.

Here it comes... The first DrupelCon event in Finland will be held in beautiful City of Lahti! The venue is the world renown wooden Siberius Hall, named after the famous Finnish composer Jean-Pierre Sibelius.

Learn more about DrupelCon Lahti 2016 on Lahti Blog Instagram, DrupelCon Lahti 2016 site and follow us with the hashtag #lahti2016. Welcome all Drupalistas!

Written by Janita on Friday February 26, 2016
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