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Helsinki Times: Academics debunk risk of housing price crash in Helsinki

Recently a group of finnish experts painted a dark picture of the Finnish housing market and a looming crash in prices. Now statistician Pekka Vuori is debunks the claim of 30 000 vacant apartments in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area are false, and that the risk of a crash in prime locations is minimal.

In addition to statistician Vuori, the Helsinki Times also interviewed Heikki Loikkanen. Loikkanen, a professor emeritus of urban geography at the University of Helsinki states:

The expectation is that notable population growth will take place in university city regions and especially in the capital region over the next 25—35 years. The outlook is therefore good for long-term investors as long as we can rid ourselves of the economic stagnation

Read more about the news in Helsinki Times: Senior statistician shoots down myth of 30,000 vacant houses

Written by Janita on Friday July 17, 2015
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