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Virte Solar roof sheeting with integrated solar panels

The Virte Solar manufactures and markets roof sheeting with integrated solar panels. The Finnish company's solar roof is the first product available for purchase at large scale.

The company manufactures the roof sheeting in it's factory in Turku Finland and installs solar panels from the US company Miasole. With the integrated solar panel the separate installation process for panels can be skipped. In addition the product is 90% lighter than a combination of regular roof sheeting and solar panels.

The integrated structure results in easier installation and the product is said to fare storms better, too. The panel's efficiency is 16,5 percent and the largest installation Virte has done so far is an industrial warehouse with a maximum capacity of 27,4 kilowatts.

For some the biggest advantage of an integrated solar panel roofing is that it is unobtrusive in it's appearance when compared to any dark colour. This is why the material is also suitable for use in protected environments, such as the renovation of protected buildings.

Learn more about the company's products from the website:

Written by Janita on Saturday August 13, 2016
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