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The average IT salary in Finland is 4000 Euro in 2017

The finnish IT workers union, Tietoalan toimihenkilöt, has published it's salary statistics for 2017. According to the survery the average salary in Finland is 4000 Euro and the median wages are 4041 a month.

From the year before the pay has risen by 42 euros and the median wage by some 80 Euros. Counting by the average wage, women's pay is 94% of mens wages and 97% when counted by the median. There is no significant change in the gender differences compared to 2016.

In addition to wages the questionnaire queried certainty about the current position for the employer. Every fourth employee see their position in the current job as stable. In managerial duties 74% of employees consider their position to be at least quite stable, where as for the professional level employees the number was 63.

A total of 1302 people answered the questionaire. 80% of them work in professional duties, 13% in managerial duties and 6% in what they consider as other.

Written by Janita on Friday March 24, 2017
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