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The hangover cure pill from Finland - Rohtos Detoxformula

The Finnish company Rohtos has started selling it's hangover pill Detoxformula in it's online store. The pill is a dietary supplement that protects the brain and body while drinking alcohol and also the next day. The pill alledgely also provides protection from other toxins.

According to the company the secret sauce behind the pill is simple chemistry. When alcohol is metabolized by the body it creates aceltahyde, which is more toxic to the body than alcohol itself. The liver produces glutathione to neutralize aceltahyde, but the glutathione supply of the liver runs out at two units of alcohol.

After the liver can no longer supply glutathione, which leads to high levels of acetaldehyde - which accounts for the effects the next morning. According to Rohdos, the Detoxformula products helps the liver produce more glutathione. The product is said to contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals amino acids, herbs and other ingredients that support liver function.

The hangover pill Rohtos detox formula is sold from the online store at a price of 23.90 € for 30 capsules, with the following description:

  • Protects the body and brain from the harmful effects of alcohol
  • Provides immediate relief by replenishing the body's vitamin and mineral supplies consumed by alcohol
  • Provides long lasting protection through antioxidants, amino acids and herbal ingredients

Written by Janita on Wednesday June 21, 2017
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