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Voluntary Cyber Security Training expands in Finland

Volutary training for military reserves and other defence training has received external funding for expanding the cyber security skills of Finnish citizens.

The union of communications and IT technology, ICT-Suomi, donated 100 000 Euros to the National Defence University of Finland. The organisation also urges others to pitch in by providing it's experts and facilities for Cyber Security training.

With the donation the NDU expands the programme meant for reserves and other citizens to cover the whole of finland. The training programme is split into two parts, in the second training phase the students train cyber security skills in a contained network environment.

The first course was arranged in 2013 and was full immediately. During the course of 2014 and 2015 the popularity has kept growing, doubling year-to-date in September 2015. The popularity is sustainable as only a third of the willing could participate a group during the fall 2015.

The National Defence University of Finland is an organization governed by the law. It's mission is to train the Finnish citizens to cope with the dangers in the every day life and under exceptional circumstances.

The NDU's cyber security initiative is protected by the transport and communications minister Anne Berner: "To be able to function as a bridge builder of a safe and trustworthy cyber environment, we need multitalented experts."

Written by Janita on Friday February 19, 2016
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