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Differences between Formula 1 and Formula E cars?

What are the major differences between a Formula 1 and Formula E cars? How would the acceleration, top speed and laptime compare at the same tracks? Would a Formula E car be competitive agains a GP2 car?

The cars are very different. Currently the Formula E cars are very slow compared to F1 or even GP2 cars, so it would not be a fair race. The concept in Formula E racing is completely different from Formula 1 and Grand Prix 2. The tires in Formula E are very close to street cars and the current battery technology does not allow similar power as gasoline powered F1 cars do.

A Formula E car will accelerate from 0-100 Km/h in around three seconds. This is roughly the same as for a GP2 car, but in top speed the GP2 has an advantage of more than 100 kilometres per hour.

Written by Janita on Friday July 8, 2016
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