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In which Formula 1 race did Cornelius "Neil" Horan chase the cars?

Some years ago a spectator called Cornelius Horan got to the racing track in a Formula 1 race. Which race was this and how did he get to the track?

This event is from the 2003 British Grand Prix. In this race an Irish catholic church priest Cornelius "Neil" Horan made his way to the Silverstone Hangar straight during the race. He held a sign saying "Read the Bible. The Bible is always right". The minister got a sentence of two months. Horan had bought a ticket and simply found a way to make it to the track.

Horan also disturbed the 2004 Olympics in Athens, where he knocked over the brasilian marathon runner Vanderlei de lima. The runner was leading the competition at that point. Horan got a 12 month sentence, and in 2005 the catholic church let him go. The reason for this disturbance in these were to make his opinion of the world coming to an end heard.

Below is a video of Cornelius Horan in Silverstone 2003:

Horan also performed in the british talent where he performed Irish Soft Jig dancing.

Written by Janita on Wednesday January 17, 2018
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