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What kind of weights are used in F1 cars?

What kind of weights are used in contemporary Formula 1 cars? Where are they located and how many are there? Are they allowed to change location based on g-forces, or is this forbidden?

Moving weights are not allowed. They must be bolted solid to the car in all motor racing classes. Usually the used metal is as dense as possible, such as tantalum or others with density value of 14 or above. Lead is usually considered to be too soft.

Weights are located as low as possible, to set the center of gravity as close to the track as possible. Depending on the car they are located under the chassis, in the front of the drivers' seart and some times a bit on the front wing as well.

The amount of weights varies a lot depending on the car, during the 2014 season there were very few weights used because the new hybrid engine technology was so heavy. In the 2015 season the weights are probably around 5-15 kilos.

Written by Janita on Friday August 7, 2015
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