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Which F1 GP in history has the highest number of retirements?

Which Formula 1 Grand Prix race has the highest number of retired drivers in the history of the sport?

The South African GP on Kyalami track in 1993 had the highest number of retirements in the history of the sport. A total of 21 cars retired from the race.

26 cars started the race in the Grand Prix, but only five cars reached the checquered flag. A total of seven drivers were classified, because Gerhard Berger and Derec Warwick reached the defining 90 percent of the total driving distance. The race started in extremely high temperatures and ended in a torrential rain.

JJ Lehto managed to finish fourth in a Sauber - finishing in points, in the first race for the team.

See the 1993 South African F1 GP review on YouTube

Written by Janita on Wednesday August 5, 2015
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