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Who is the best F1 racing driver without a podium position?

Who is the most successful F1 driver who has not been on the podium in a Grand Prix weekend?

Through statistics in 2015 Nico Hülkenberg is leading the satistics in the following categories: Most laps leading the race without podium positions (38) and most lead races without podium (2) and post pole positios without a podium finish (1).

Outside of F1 Bernd Schneider won five championships in the german DTM series, but didn't even come close to scoring poinst in Zakspeed and Arrows teams in the years 1988-90. Scheiders car was so poor that he qualified to only 9 races out of a total of 34.

Some drivers from the US series IndyCar / Champ Car / CART series who won there, but did not fare well in the world of Formula 1.Sebastien Bourdais, Cristiano da Matta and Alex Zanardi all proved they were top class drivers, but failed to see success in Formula 1.

Written by Janita on Sunday January 7, 2018
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