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What are pending Bitcoin transactions?

The Bitcoin electronic (AKA Cryptocurrency) is a distributed form of currency. This means that all transactions must be distributed among the distributed chain. These are mathematically confirmed transactions that take time to produce.

Written by Janita on Tuesday December 19, 2017
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What is in a fart?

Medical scientists have not paid much attention to the gas emissions from human rectums. They are a universal phenomenon and even a social problem for some. In 1998 the Gut science magazine the matter of rectal emissions has finally been examined in detail.

Written by Janita on Friday August 12, 2016
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When is Amazon coming to Finland?

Amazon, the eCommerce giant has been available for Finns for a long time. Ever since the 1990's Finns have been able to order books and other goods from the online stores in the United States, United Kingdom or Germany.

Written by Janita on Wednesday March 14, 2018
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