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Finnish politician suggests people be embedded with a chip to prevent misuse of social welfare benefits abroad

In the last few days paying out social benefits to citizens living outside of Finland has been in discussions. A politician from the True Finns Party, Pasi Mäenranta, is also worried about the abuse of the benefits. He published a post on Facebook, where he suggests that all Finnish citizens leaving the country be embedded with an identification chip.

Written by Janita on Tuesday August 11, 2015
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WEF studies reasons behind Finland's faltering economy

The weather has not been the only thing worse than expected this summer, as 2015 looks to be the fourth consecutive year that the Finnish economy has faltered. Elsewhere in the Euro area, except for Greece, economic activity is already picking up. The World Economic Forum reports on the details.

Written by Janita on Thursday July 23, 2015
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