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Alcohol free Salmiakkikossu liqueur with no Vodka, great Liquorice taste

Foreing travellers visiting Finland often get offered a shot the liquorice flavored "Salmiakkikossu" liqueur. The taste can be surprising to those not used to the salty taste, but some have a liking for it. Now this drink is available in an alcohol free variant.

The alcoholic drink was created in the country 25 years ago in the 1990s, and remains popular to date. It is a mix of salty liquorice candy and the Koskenkorva brand Vodka. The traditional variant it contains 32% of alcohol and is officially known as Koskenkorva Salmiakki, but is commonly called salmiakkikossu.

The alcohol free beverage is manufactured by Altia, is currently available from 30-40 Alko stores around the country. Packaged in a plastic bottle, the price for 0.5 liters of the dark liquid is 9,99€. Altia and Alko have pulled of the impossible as this is essentially alcohol free vodka.

The new drink was Introduced to the market in late 2017, the company does not expect this to sell large volumes - as they are currently testing the waters. Punters looking to score a bottle of the novel product can get store locations and product availablity online on

Party hard and booze up without the hangover

Alcohol free Koskenkorva SalmiakkiAs said, purchases can only be made in company stores, but there is an online catalogue listing the product details. According to the taste description the product is said to be:

"Black, cloudy, full-bodied, rich salmiak notes, rich liquorice notes, salty"

The alcohol free Salmiakkikossu is meant for occasions when you want to share a moment with friends and family, but are driving, pregrant or simply do not drink alcohol at all.

The taste of the drink is strong, and it is recommended to be had as small shot sized portions for liquorice connoisseurs.

Drinking habits in the Nordic country are changing; Consumption of spirits is decreasing, while drinking wines and beers are growing.

Altia and Alko wish to provide a drink that has a strong taste, but no effects of strong alcohol shots. Whether the product will find a lasting place in the market remains to be seen.

Written by Janita on Saturday January 20, 2018
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