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City of Helsinki bans Drones in the City Center

Drones have risen in popularity in the world. In Finland and abroad they continue to be a source of controversy as well. Invading privacy and causing dangerous situations, especially in areas where aviation is done.

The capital of Finland has designated certain areas as no-fly zones for Drones. Areas in city center, for example is now completely off limits for Drone enthusiasts without a separate permit.

Parts of the Kruununhaka area in Helsinki, a hotspot for governmental buildings, for example is now a designated No Drone Zone:

More information on flying Drones is available on the website, it comes complete with a FAQ section answering popular questions on drone usage in Finland:

Is there an age limit for flying a drone?

When the drone flights are for hobby or sporting purposes there is no age limit.

Can anyone buy a drone?

Yes. Drones can be bought freely.

Can I fly above a crowd of people?

No. When drones are flown as a hobby you are not allowed to fly above a crowd of people.

Can drones be flown indoors?

Finnish aviation authority does not regulate indoor flight. The owner of the building decides what can be done inside the property.

Should I register my drone?

You don't need to register your drone if you are flying for hobby or sporting purposes, but you should mark it with your name and contact information.

How can I fly my FPV drone?

In First Person View (FPV) flying you need a spotter next to yourself so that he or she can notify you of any approaching aircraft or other dangers. The spotter should always have visual contact to your drone.

(Main Image courtesy of Marko Karppinen)

Written by Janita on Wednesday July 5, 2017
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