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Finnish police interrogate ex-minister Suvi Lindén about death in Uganda

The Finnish police has questioned former transportation and communications minister of Finland regarding the death of the entrepreneur in Kampala Uganda. Suvi Lindén was questioned as a witness. She is not suspected of faul play.

According to MTV, a local television channel, the interrogation was held in Oulu and lasted for around five hours. This is a result of aid that the Ugandan police have requested to help investigate the death of a finnish entrepreneur in Uganda man dealing in cyber security gear and arms in Uganda and other African countries. The curious case has been a field trip for conspiracy theorists.

Finnish business man Tuomas Teräsvuori was found dead in February and Kampala police have reported that the toxicology report showed traces of cocaine and pesticide in the body. Suvi Lindén has stated that she has no information what happened no the night before the death of the man.

Finnish police have reported that the body of the deceased has now arrived in Finland and a forensic autopsy will be done also in Finland. The man was in Uganda to present defense equipment from Patria, this has lead to controvesy in the state owned company and three directors have been let go from the Patria Land business unit.

Suvi Lindén was participating in the trip, but the reasons are still unclear. According to ministers and Patria, they have no collections to the ex-minister who also used to act as an envoy to the United Nations. She arrived in Finland on the last week of February, but has not provided any comments to the media.

Earlied Lindén has stated she was in the country to map out oppportunities to initiate projects that would help Ugandans in their every day life with smarphones. As an UN envoy she was promoting broadband connections around the world for the international organisation.

Currently Lindén is in Barcelona where she is attending the Mobile World Congress telecomms tradeshow where Nokia announced cooperation with Facebook on wireless broadband HMD Global announced updates to it's Nokia branded smartphone products as well as deeper partnership with Google and it's Android operating system.

Written by Janita on Thursday March 1, 2018
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