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Finns' purchases of alcohol from Estonia on decline

Four out of five people traveling from Finland to Estonia return with alcoholic beverages. However the purchases of large quantities at a single trip has declined in 2015.

According to a study Finnish citizens grought 56 million litres of different types of alcoholic drinks. Turned into absolute alcohol this measures in at about five million litres. A total of 2,5 million trips were made and two million of these brought back alcohol with them.

Very large shipments - over 500 litres per person - has dropped to a third from the top year in 2015. 45% of all purchases are still done in large shipments (100 litres and over) and are done by five percent of travellers. Around three quarters of purchases is done in small shipments (100 litres and less).

Hard liquor was the number one product, with close to a half of it being that. Beer was the number two with 43% of pundits transferring that. 24% purchased long drinks and 16% sweet liquors. The study was done by interviewing over 3700 finnish passengers on ferries to Estonia during 2015.

Written by Janita on Tuesday February 9, 2016
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