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Helsinki attracted a record number of tourists in 2017 as East drives growth

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, attracted a record number of tourists during 2017. The total number of overnight stays in Helsinki accomodation facilities passed 4 Million for the fist time. In addition to tourism, the coastal city also attracted business travelers arriving for congress events.

The growth of Helsinki as a destination is currently outpacing it's Nordic peers like Stockholm and Copenhagen. The growth year over years was some 13 percent, with the greater Helsinki region the hotel stays passed 5.4 million. The city is still behind in total volume, but is the most popular congress city in the Nordics.

Helsinki is the single most popular destination for visitors in the country, but the whole tourism industry in Finland has been on the upswing. The visits by Russian tourists have rebounded from the slump in 2014, and was the single largest growth group with a 37% year-on-year increase. Visits from European countries like Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden are looking good.

The group with the most potential for growth are visitors from Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea and Singapore. The number of visits from Asia have been on a growth trend, and the number of Chinese tourists grew by 31 percent compared to 2017. Finland is cooperating with Chinese companies, like payment provider Alipay to provide visitors with a smooth experience.

The global economy is enjoying healthy growth, giving more people access to long distance tourism. The main attraction of Finland, Helsinki included, is the clean nature. In addition Helsinki enjoys a vibrant cultural life with high quality art exhibitions and events available throughout the year. During the winter months Winter activities are accessible to visitors, there are number of Ski Resorts close to Helsinki.

Passengers in Helsinki-Vantaa international airport reach record levels, and the Port of Helsinki was the busiest passenger port in the world, with cruise ship visits at peak levels.

Source: Helsinki tourism enjoys record growth in 2017

Written by Janita on Sunday February 25, 2018
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