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Helsinki Police fines thirty Uber drivers, deems company legal

Police in Helsinki, Finland has fined thirty Uber drivers during the christmas party season. The fines were given while regular alcohol testings. The grounds for the fines are that the national legistlation in Finland requires that Uber drivers have a taxi permit. They asked for permits from the drivers and fines were given if they had none.

At the same time the police has finished the inquiry about Uber, looking into whether the company's activity is legal by the Finnish law. During summer 2015 the police informed that they are looking into the activities of Uber. This was mainly to do if accounting and taxation was done according to regulations.

The investigation was finished on December 1st 2015. The decision that Uber is not suspectible of tax evasion or other financial crimes such as forgery or fraud. Uber drivers still need to have a valid taxi permit, but the company itself is off the hook for now.

Written by Janita on Friday December 18, 2015
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