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Strange Crucifixed Jesus Teddybear for sale

The Finnish equivalent of Craigs List has a rather strange teddy bear for sale. The description says it is hand woven crucifixed teddybear complete with blood and a crown of thorns which seems to be made of barbwire.

The item is priced as 5€ and is still available for purchase. This seems like something directly out of a horror movie. Spooky, but possibly an item of internet memerabilia well worth the price.

A whole view of the teddybear for scale.

Close up of the crucifixed teddy bear.

The teddy has nails with blood on them for authencity.

A picture from a slightly different angle showing details of the crown of thorns.

Teddy's panties hide the private parts.

Written by Janita on Wednesday July 6, 2016
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