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New type of Pole Climbing Shoes from Genetta bring improved ergonomics

A new type of Pole Climbing Shoes has been introduced by Joensuu based inventor Matti Pölönen. The inventor called the product Genetta, a name referencing genet, a species of civet cat known for their agility and climbing abilities.

The new type of shoes are designed to improve the safety of people who need to climb to high locations such as telecom or electric poles. The shoes are made in the city of Joensuu and cost around a thousand euros a pair. Prototypes of the equipment have been used in field trials with local electrical network operators, but there are no comments on the final version of the Genetta shoes.

Jari Janttonen from Joensuu based utility company Enerke told Talouselämä in an interview that the price is quite high, but if it provides significant improvement in ergonomics then he welcomes the new footwear. The shoes have features such as interchangeable hooks allowing climbing both wooden and concrete poles which are common in many countries.

The Altiax company designing, producing and marketing the Genetta pole climbing shoes targets export markets. The Finnish market is relatively small and the product is globally viable product. Inventor Matti Pölönen believes it is possible to export 10,000 pairs of shoes in the most important European markets within the next five years.

Savings from safety and improved ergonomics

To reach the set target the new equipment needs to prove that it provides tangible benefits. For example by improving safety and reducing sick leaves caused by poor ergonomics. Especially older staff working in the field suffer from hip and knee problems, in which sick leaves can be very long.

Marketing will begin by targeting installers of overhead line networks, but the shoes work fine for any activity that needs reaching heights, for example lumberjacks, construction men, rescue service workers, adventurers, bird watchers and photographers climbing poles and trees. Professionals looking to test the gear can contact Genetta for a trial: Test Genetta

The video from the company shows how the Genetta Climbing Shoes work in practise:

Written by Janita on Sunday March 4, 2018
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