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Nokia reveals details about their return to Mobile Handsets

"For 14 years Nokia was the biggest cell phone maker in the world, and the brand became a household name -- one that evoked quality, innovation and human connection. The brand is still recognized that way by millions of people around the world, which is incredibly gratifying and a huge compliment for the people who helped create it."

So it’s not surprising that today, the question comes up all the time: will Nokia return to mobile devices? This is the question and the answer is that yes, they are looking into it: Nokia reveals it’s returning to phones

In the official bulleting form the company they reveal their current status with the endeavours to return to mobile handset business. With the sale of mobile device software, factories and other assets to Microsoft in 2014 the company must return in a different way. Manufacturing and distribution of devices will be done by a partner - the operating system running on the handsets is likely Android as it already powers the critically acclaimed Nokia N1 Tablet.

Read more on the Nokia website: Nokia comments on media speculation about mobile devices

Are Smartphones even a business worth entering? 

It is also worth noting if it makes sense for Nokia to return to this business at all - if with limited risk. In the light of the recent unfortunate news news on the Microsoft write down, Nokia management did a very good business decision with the Mobile Division sale to Microsoft.

Whether this was good business acumen, desperation from Microsoft's part or just plain luck is everyone's guess. Maybe it's just karma of shrewd business tactics of Bill Gates' Microsoft CEO times. In any case bad news for Finland as Microsoft prepares to shed a thousand employees in Espoo.

In any case it would seem that Nokia is gearing up to something consumer faced - see comment from John Kneeland on Twitter. Here's a picking of current Open Positions at Nokia Technologies:

  • Licensing Manager, US & Americas
  • Consumer Insight Manager
  • Head of Product Quality
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • Head of Products, Brand Licensing
  • World Wide Sales Director
  • Product Manager
  • Trainee, Imaging Software
  • Software Engineering Intern, Imaging
  • Imaging Hardware Engineering Intern
Written by Janita on Tuesday July 14, 2015
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