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Pallivaha "balls wax" reduces scrotum irritation and soothes after shaving

The Finnish male cosmetics webstore Dick Johnson has released a new cosmetic product, Pallivaha. It's meant for testicle and promises a swift fix for sweating, scratchy and bad smelling testicles. The product is advertised with the tag line "so good for your balls".

The all natural product is made from the Vitellaria tree and leaves the scrotum area silky smooth after application. The product is also suitable for use after shaving the testicle area to reduce irritation.

It would be easy to dismiss the product as a bit of a joke, but many men recognise that the scrotum area irritation can be a real problem during the summer time as well as during long hiking sessions.

The product has only been introduced to the market recently, but many Finnish army conscripts are already purchasing the product for long marches. Initial sales of the product has been rapid. Leevi Kangas from Dick Johnson says that there won't be much stock left the next week.

The product is sold online as well as in the Dick Johnson barber store in Tampere. The pricing for the product is reasonable at €9,90 for a can containing 50 millilitres of Pallivaha (balls wax in direct translation).

The product is not currently available for sale outside of Finland, but the manufacturer can be contacted through the email address [email protected] for details. To buy the product online head to the Dick Johnson Webstore:

Written by Janita on Monday July 18, 2016
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