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Time-lapse video of overhaul of research ship Aranda in Rauma

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) research ship Aranda has been under repairs at the Rauma Marine Constructions ship yard since 2018. The ship was thoroughly repaired, but also extended by some seven meters.

The Aranda is an advanced research vessel capable of operating in icy conditions. It spends most of its time in the Baltic Sea, but has also traveled to Antarctica. The ship was built in 1989 by Wärtsilä Marine. Aranda is owned and operated by SYKE and it's home port is Helsinki.

The ship went for a thorough overhaul in 2017 in Rauma, and the work is now complete. In addition to repairs, Aranda was also lengthened by 7 meters. The added length allows extending research and laboratory spaces. The vessel will be returned to it's owner #soon.

RMC, the company responsible for the work has created a timelapse video of the project:

Written by Janita on Saturday May 5, 2018
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