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Talented's top 50 developer friendly IT-companies to work for in Finland

There are plenty of jobs for developers in Finland. Large cities like Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku all have plenty of open jobs for software professionals. This can lead to some (positive) trouble, as it can be hard to choose between companies that seem identical from the outside.

According the Finnish recruitment agency Talented, there around 39 jobs currently open for each software developer in the country. Developers are spoiled for choice, but it is difficult to get an objective overview of the employers

This is especially if you're new to the country. Speaking of that, English is generally fine and even the official working language in many startups and consultancies. Finns speak English quite well and using it as your only language in large cities like Helsinki is no problemo.

All in all it is surprisingly difficult for people, especially introverts, to find a working environment where they like to spend time, and can develop themselves with new challenges. Finding the best possible fit is everyone's advantage in the long term.

The recruitment consultants at Talented specialize in the IT field. They get to see and feel a lot of different kind of jobs and hear what people have liked and not liked about previous jobs. The team has a lot of insight into how the job market for developers is in Finland.

Talented offers developer focused recruitment services

Talented is a recruitment agency that aims to work in favor of the software developer. They aim to help experienced software developers and designers to find the best jobs and projects in the Finnish market. Working with an agent model, they will seek jobs for you, as well as give insight into developer wages and other aspects in working life.

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The team at talented decided to share their insight, and have said to do so each year from 2017 forward. And have published their own "Top 50" list of IT companies that people would like to work for on their blog: Koodarin Top 50 työpaikkaa 2017

In addition to the names of the companies they list the cities where they operate, as well as their primary technology stack and a brief description of the company. If you are searching for a job, you can contact the companies directly or be in contact with Talented.

This publication is not affiliated with Talented, but if you contact them after reading - please use KEN SENT ME as a reference. No strings attached - we'll leave that for ladies underwear.

Top 50 Finnish companies with jobs for developers

In the wake of digitalization (buzzword bingo!) all kinds of companies are in need technology savvy staff. From startups to established industrial companies, tech is everywhere. In fact the rate of change is only accelerating as deregulating taxi transport and other reforms move forward bringing new opportunities for propellerheads. In short: We are hiring developers

Without further ado... here are the Top 50 companies in Finland looking for Coders, Crackers, Devs, Hackers, , Ninjas, Velmus, or whatever you wanna call them. From A to Z.

Company Location Technologies (in 2018) Comments from Talented
Arcusys Oulu, Joensuu, Helsinki Liferay, Scala, React, Node.js, Docker. Java, JavaScript

The gift of Joensuu to the world of software development. Working with eLearning with NASA.

Arilyn Helsinki JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Node.js/Express.js, React-native

A startup working on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Feels like working from home.

Armada Interactive Helsinki C++

A startup game studio, possibly the next Supercell. A great team who is building a mobile game.

Boogie Software Helsinki, Oulu Java, JavaScript

A consultancy specialising in the financial industry. A lot of experienced developers, many of them owning a stake in the company. Trust and freedom are strong in this one.

Codemate Helsinki, Oulu, Bangkok JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Python, Elm, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Java, Android, iOS

A software house from Oulu, who likes to do things in house. During the dark "Kaamos" months you can work from the Thailand office in Bankok.

Columbia Road Helsinki Ruby, Scala, PHP or JavaScript, Java/J2EE/.NET/C#

A subsidiary of Futurice with a talented team. One of the best partners when designing and implementing eCommerce market places.

F-secure Helsinki, Oulu Java, Python, JavaScript, C++ , C# Objective-C, Android, iOS, Linux, AWS

Finlands gift to the world, and the center of the finnish information security cluster. Interesting products, a dream job for many hackers.

Fingersoft Oulu Objective-C, C++, Java

The largest game studio on oulu, surprised their founders and everyone else with their success. These guys built Hill Climb Racing…

Finnair Vantaa Java, Javascript, iOS, Android

The Finnish flagflip airline. Investing heavily in digital, agile development done by the book.

Fraktio Helsinki JavaScript, Scala, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, Docker

A relaxed bunch of developers. A well lead company that is hungry for success. Top notch React chops.

Frosmo Helsinki, Tukholma, Lontoo JavaScript, PHP, Go, Python

An interesting eCommerce compny, who develops their products in Finland, but most sales are foreign.

Futurice Helsinki, Tampere, Lontoo, Berliini, München, Tukholma Node.js, Typescript, Clojure, Swift, Kotlin, SQL, NoSQL

A relatively large, but relaxed consultancy. One of the best jobs where employees are genuinely valued.

Gofore Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Swansea, München Java, JavaScript, Docker, DevOps

A consultancy who has grown it's market share in a big way. One of the best providers of public sector IT/Web services. A big plus for giving juniors an opportunity to grow.

Haltian Oulu C/C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL

A wireless device and IoT product company from Oulu. Employees get to develop complete IoT solutions, so it's a great place to be for someone looking for variety.

HiQ Espoo Java, SQL, NoSQL, Android, iOS

HiQ's spearhead are references and mobile development know-how. Interesting projects like mobile payments, without too much bureaucracy.

Kisko Labs Helsinki Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, iOS, Android

This company combines development of own products, as well as ambitious client projects. It's worth menioning that the Kisko folk are really into Crossfit.

Kesko Helsinki, Tukholma Java, JavaScript

A spot for DIYers and makers. The trade conglomerate as activated in digitalization and is building new services full steam.

Kompozure Helsinki Azure, Xamarin, Entity, ASP.NET, Angular, React, Redux

One of the hottest C# / .NET houses in Helsinki at the moment, full focus on Microsoft technologies.

Leanheat Helsinki Clojure, Javascrip, Python, R, PostgreSQL, AWS, Linux

A very interesting AI-startup that aims to bring big savings to real estate owners through Artificial Intelligence.

MAAS Global Helsinki AWS, Swift, Firebase, JavaScript

An interesting startup, a revolutionary product and a great team.

Marimekko Helsinki PHP, Python, JavaScript

A Finnish icon where technology and fashion merge in a way like nowhere else.

Motley Helsinki JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Python, WordPress, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS

Combines business design, planning and development. Aims for gigs where the target is something out of the ordinary.

Neverthink Helsinki JavaScript, Redis, PostgreSQL

A startup that has accumulated a significant valuation in a short period of time. A strong investor team and an enthusiastic dev team.

New Things Co (previously known as Lab of New) Helsinki JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Redux, RxJS, Ramda, Clojure, Scala, Java8, Spring Boot, AWS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Ansible, Docker

An exciting new startup, a subsidiary of reaktor. Veiled in secrecy. Word on the street that the best of the best are here. The Top Gun of Consultancies?

Nitor Helsinki Java, Clojure, JavaScript, AWS, Android, iOS

An engineering agency, which has risen to be the #1 employer for your average humdrum geek. A relaxed group and a healthy attitude towards work.

OP Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere Java, Ruby, iOS, Android, JavaScript

Financial group OP is one of the largest IT-companies, who has shed it's skin to become a modern operator. High profile products like Pivo and OP Kulku.

Qvik Helsinki Android, iOS, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript

A mobile consultancy located in down town Helsinki. Interesting cases and a relaxed but professional working environment.

Reaktor Helsinki, Turku, NY, AMS, JPN JavaScript, Typescript, Clojure, iOS, Android, Kotlin, SQL, AWS, Python, Java

The All Star consultancy, has had a long run of success from the early 2000's. This is not by accident. One of the best jobs, with talented colleagues and top notch cases.

Reaktor Space Lab Helsinki C, Python, Docker, Gnuradio, Linux

Dream of every child prone to engineering. One of the most interesting cases in Finland. An experienced developers can get their hands dirty with space technology like satellites, ground stations and supporting services.

Relex Helsinki Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Flowscript, Kotlin, Haskell, Elm, AWS

A product company with a global market. High energy, immense drive, not for the weak?

Remedy Entertainment Espoo C++, C#, Python

A game studio that needs no introductions. Everyone knows Alan Wake and Max Payne AAA games. Employs some of the best game developers in the galaxy.

Rightware Helsinki C#, C++, Java

A leading player in the new automotive UIs, building digital dasboards using in Audi and other cars. Embedded device devs can apply their skills with the latest usability and visual trends to create appealing consumer products.

Sievo Helsinki, USA C#, Powershell, JavaScript

A fast growing analytics company, listed as one of the best working places in Finland.

Singa Helsinki Python (Django/DRF), PostgreSQL, Java, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript (Angular/React/Vue), Docker, AWS, yms.

Singa takes karaoke to the internet. On it's way to large markets with an enthusiastic crew.

Smartly Helsinki Ruby, PHP, Redis, Python, JavaScript, Cassandra, Dockey

IInspiring and interesting company with a great product (for doing Facebook advertising). A great place to learn new things.

Sofokus Helsinki, Turku JavaScript, Java, C++, Ruby

An agency from Turku. A culture of doing and a drive to succeed. Plenty of responsibility for experienced developers.

Solita Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Singapore, Tukholma, Tallinna Clojure, Java, .NET, C#, Episerver, Javascript, iOS, Android, AWS

The company is over 20 years old, but has reinvented itself the last years. An inspiring working environment where employees are valued.

Space Nation Helsinki

A start up that aims to democratize the path of becoming an astronaut. Developers here get to work together with the European, US and Russian space program staff.

Supercell Helsinki iOS, Android, Java, C++

An amazing working environment. Small development teams with immense drive. The best working place for mobile game developers who can make the cut.

Suunto Vantaa Android, iOS, Java, MongoDB

You can work with the latest technologies in a good team with a positive attitude.

Tulka Helsinki JavaScript, iOS, Android

A startup that is building an online app for translation services. A great niche, which a large global demand.

Unity Helsinki JavaScript, MongoDB, iOS, Android, OpenGL, Go, Redis

Builds the well known 3D game engine, was the fastest growing company in 2016. A pleasant working environment bubbling with excitement.

Upcloud Helsinki Python, React, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, KVM, Linux, Solaris

A finnish cloud services provider. A great crew and a technologically superior product.

Vaisala Vantaa Java, React

Designs and manufactures measurement devices and system. A great place for developers.

Vincit Helsinki, Turku, Tampere Java, C# / .NET, Clojure, JavaScript, Python, Ruby

A stock listed new generation IT-consultancy. One of the best jobs in Finland. Also known for it's rewarding compensation model.

Wolt Helsinki Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, Redis, iOS, Android, Scala, React Native, Celery, Docker

A restaraunt food delivery service. Have been able to attract experience developers who have built an award winning consumer mobile service.

Wunder Finland Helsinki, Turku, Berliini, München, Lontoo, Riika, Valmiera, Tallinn Drupal, PHP

One of the most respected and interesting companies in the Drupal scene in Finland. Great people and challenging projects.

Wunderdog Helsinki Scala, Clojure, Java, Javascript

Creates public coding challenges known as wundernuts. Many have ended up in the company through them. A well lead, easy to approach and sympathetic challenger to larger consultancies.

Yousician Helsinki C#, C++, Python,

A great teaam spirit and a unique jobs which combines music and software development. Machine Learning and Artificial Intellilgence to the beat of the music.

Zalando Helsinki JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, Java, AWS, Scala, Go, Hadoop, Cassandra, Docker, Clojure

An eCommerce giant who has invested a lot in Finland. If you're interested in working in a large scale eCommerce company, Zalando is probably the best place to learn how it's done.

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