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The cheapest draught beer in Helsinki costs 99 cents - Happy Hour is back

The legislation in Finland has prevented pubs and bars to offer price advertising since 2007. Now in 2018 the new alcohol legislation now permits price advertising - making a comeback for the popular Happy Hour concept where drinks are cheaper at certain times.

The best prices in January 2018 for drinks are offered by the gay night club Hercules who is selling draught beer for less than a euro. Also the famed Finnish Long Drink is cheaper than in the store. The club calls it's 9-10pm happy hour as "crazy hour".

The club sells the drinks at a loss at that time, but the strategy is to lure people in earlier to the club. Club goers are arriving to clubs later and later, starting drinking at home and spending less in the club. The club hopes to curb the trend with this new marketing approach.

In addition to the crazy hour, the club extends that with additional Happy Hours from 10pm to 12pm with lower prices. Full details on the pricing below:

Crazy Hour 21 - 22:
- Free entrance and cloak room service
- Draught beer 0,99 € (0,4 l)
- Happy Joe cider 1,99 € (0,33 l)
- Long drink 1,99 € (0,33 l)
- White, red and sparking wines 9,99 €

Happy Hours 22 - 24:
- Draught beer 1,99 € (0,4 l)
- Happy Joe cider 2,99 € (0,33 l)
- Long drink 2,99 € (0,33 l)
- White, red and sparking wines 14,99 €

Hercules also has it's own Discomoney (Diskoraha) whose users can get drinks at a discount price. Customers can charge discomoney and use it at the night club for purchases. Around half of purchases are currently done using this currency.

More details on the clubs' Facebook post:

Written by Janita on Friday January 5, 2018
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