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Think tank study: Finns content with their life, aware of need for reform

EVA is a Finnish policy and pro-market think tank that aims to identify and evaluate trends that are important for Finnish companies as well as the success of the society in general. Now the institute has published a report that evaluates the values and attitudes of Finns towards life.

The research finds that 80 percent of Finns feel quite or very happy. Overal results have not changed much since the last time the study was done in 2004, but there is a clear increase in the number of people who feel very uncontent with their life.

The most notable find is that variance in feeling content with their life is minimal across all age and social groups. Ilkka Haavisto from EVA states that Finland is indeed at a very high level of equality when it comes to happiness.

Around 15 percent of Finns feel very happy and content with their lives. 17% of the interviewed people feel uncontent with their lives, with an increase among professional farmers and those under 25 years of age in comparison to results from the 2004 study. There is a strong correlation between happiness and facing severe financial difficulties in day-to-day living. From the unemployed a total of 40 percent feel uncontent with their lives.

In international comparison the Finns are very content with their lives, reaching fifth position in an EU-wide study with Denmark at number one, followed by Sweden, Slovenia and Spain. Compared to neighbouring states the perceived happiness has stagnated as Swedes and Estonians have risen on the charts.

The Finns as a whole see the future brighter than they did in 2004. A total of 31 percent believes that things will be better than they are today in five years. In 2011 this figure was only 15 percent.

80 percent of those interviewed feel privileged and happy about living in Finland, but are also aware that there needs to be reform in the society. A total of 69 percent believe that unless Finland can keep up with the changing world there will be a financial and social crisis at hand.

The complete report can be downloaded in Finnish from the EVA website:

Written by Janita on Wednesday July 27, 2016
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