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How would the 1982 championship winning F1 car fare against a modern one?

How much would the 1982 championship winning Williams F1 car lose against to a modern Formula 1 equivalent?

Comparison between 1982 and today is complicated by the fact that the tracks have changed during the 30 years. In Monza the alterations have been the smallest, so that could be a good place for comparison. The Monza track is 7 metres shorter than it was in 1982 and the first turn has been cut.

During qualifying Keke Rosberg clocked a laptime of 1.31,8234 where as the pole position time was 1.23,755. This translates to a difference of some eight seconds.

It should be noted that Monza is above all a track that requires maximum engine power. The difference between the 1982 Williams and modern cars would be larger in other tracks due to great advancements in aerodynamics.

Written by Janita on Wednesday August 5, 2015
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