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What is done if a Formula 1 driver weighs 5-10 kilos extra?

If a F1 driver weighs around 5-10 kilos more than his team mate - is it possible to remove weights and balance the car accordingly. How much does such amount of extra weight affect the lap time?

In the 2014 season the cars weighed too much as it was, so it was a tough season. Many drivers had to loose a lot of weight as even five kilos would have been a significant factor. In the 2015 season some cars carry extra weight, so it's a little bit better. Free weight positioning allows better balance adjustment, so it's still better to have as light a driver as possible.

An extra weight of five kilos could add a 1.5 tenths of a second to the lap time on average.

Written by Janita on Monday August 10, 2015
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