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Government announces cuts to employee benefits in Finland

Finland has been lagging behind in economic terms for a while now. While some sectors, such as IT are doing fine due to the pressure to digitalise services, more traditional industries and service sectors continue to struggle. The Finnish Government today announced measures to improve the competitiveness of the Finnish economy. This includes universal cuts to employment terms in Finland.

Written by Janita on Tuesday September 8, 2015
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WEF studies reasons behind Finland's faltering economy

The weather has not been the only thing worse than expected this summer, as 2015 looks to be the fourth consecutive year that the Finnish economy has faltered. Elsewhere in the Euro area, except for Greece, economic activity is already picking up. The World Economic Forum reports on the details.

Written by Janita on Thursday July 23, 2015
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Helsinki Times: Academics debunk risk of housing price crash in Helsinki

Recently a group of finnish experts painted a dark picture of the Finnish housing market and a looming crash in prices. Now statistician Pekka Vuori is debunks the claim of 30 000 vacant apartments in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area are false, and that the risk of a crash in prime locations is minimal.

Written by Janita on Friday July 17, 2015
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Länsiväylä: Microsoft may oust over a thousand employees in Espoo

Microsoft may lay off half of it's staff in Espoo, sources revealed to Länsiväylä newspaper. Microsoft has not yet confirmed the number of people affected by the shake-up announced last week, following write downs of Mobile Phones business purchased from Nokia. The information comes from anonymous sources close to Länsiväylä.

Written by Janita on Tuesday July 14, 2015
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