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News from Finland

This is an experimental news service that offers news from Finland in English. A venture from Malloc Enterprises, Inquiries by email: [email protected]

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Mobile company Jolla faces restructuring

The company developing the Sailfish Operating system and select mobile devices enters debt restructuring. Jolla will also need to temporarily layoff a substancial number of it's employees. The move comes as the investme…

HeiaHeia and Hintsa Performance to merge

Kauppalehti, a finnish newspaper, reports that that the startup HeiaHeia and Hintsa Performance will join forces. Together the companies hope to provide innovative services and products for people for people interested …

Kimi Räikkönen now a purveyor of alcohol

At the end of August the cruise and ferry ship operator Tallink announced that it has acquired the rights to sell an alcoholic drink with the Iceman brand. The Finnish racing driver Kimi Räikkönen has now appeared in of…