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Canadian waitress accuses Kimi Räikkönen for sexual harrassment - demands seven figure compensation

Kimi Räikkönen has filed a police report for Montreal police. According to Canadian media outlets the Formula 1 driver was reportedly being blackmailed for a significant sum of money.

The police report is releated to an event where Räikkönen and his entourage would have sexually harassed a Montreal waitress at an event held after the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix. On Tuesday Räikkönen's representative Sami Visa confirmed that the news are correct.

Lawyers in Canada and Finland are now handing the matter. The Finnish racing driver denies all of the allegations and state the reason for filing a complaint to the police is a seven figure demand compensation. According to Radio-Canada the woman accusing Räikkönen had a deadline for the payment to be delivered by Monday.

According to La Presse Räikkönen has hired a private investigator to find out more details. The waitress supposedly mentioned the incident at her blog in 2016, but at that time did not reveal the names of the people. She and her lawyer were reportedly shocked about the blackmailing claims made by Räikkönen's camp.

The waitresses 2016 blog post implies that the intoxicated racing driver would have grabbed the women by her breast. In addition another member of the group had tried to reach for the waitresses private parts. The blog posts are no longer available, but there are backups:


Written by Janita on Wednesday May 30, 2018
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