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Pulled Oats is a vegetarian alternative to Pulled Pork from Finland

Pulled Oat is an innovation from the Finnish company Gold&Green Foods. It's entirely made from plants and offers a more ecological alternative to both meat and soy proteins.

The product invented by two entrepreneurs is now in production with wide availability in Finland in the fall of 2016. Exporting the product is planned for the upcoming years.

Oat is one of the most ecological crops in the world and with this innovations done in processing the Finnish company is able to offer a tasty alternative to the Soy proteins used widely as a substitute to meat protein. As a product from Finland, it is entirely GMO free.

Pulled Oat has impressive nutritional values as a hundred grams (100g) contains around nine grams (9g) of carbohydrates, four grams (4g) of fat and 30 grams (30g) of protein. This is achieved in manufacturing by pure mechanical processing such as mixing, pressing and heating. Also see: Full Nutritional Values Table for Pulled Oats

Pulled Oat is marketed as a nordic superfood being an alternative to pulled pork, minced meat, tofu and the likes in the diets of vegetarians, flexitarians, pescaterians and meat lovers alike.

The perfect source of protein?

In a world that will have to shift away from resource heavy meat consumption eventually, this Finnish innovation has the potential to be a part of that solution. In addition to excellent numbers on paper, the inventors Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä also understand the value of composition and taste in food.

The team describes the perfect protein to have three main properties:

  1. Taste and mouthfeel: Taste is king. All Gold&Green products have the tender, chewy structure that reminds you of something familiar and makes it an easy pick for many of your favorite dishes.
  2. A balanced nutritional profile: All proteins are not the same. Unlike many other plant proteins, the protein from Gold&Green includes sufficient amounts of all the essential amino acids.
  3. Sustainability: Pulled oats is a new kind of plant protein food that utilizes oats, fababeans and pea as protein sources. Farmed together with beans every second year is optimal as beans produce high amounts of nitrogen to the soil, and oats utilize it effectively the year after.

Pulled oat is also practical for use and storage; It is a cooked product and can be added to foods without cooking. The product can be stored in a household refregirator for 2-3 months. With these properties and reasonable pricing at 18€/kilo (roughly 20$ / 2.2pounds) it is a viable option for many consumers.

The product is bound to be on the finnish market at a large scale during 2016. Pulled oat is only the first product coming out of the labs at Gold&Green. The vegetable protein developed by the company will also be used in a variety of protein bars as well as a product resembling halloumi cheese.

The idea of the product was conceived in fall of 2014, the company was formed in 2015 and received a million Euro investment early in 2016. Details on the product and the company at

Written by Janita on Saturday July 2, 2016
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