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Teenagers birthday bash takes a bad turn in Helsinki - Three people injured in stabbing

A 15-year-old Helsinki boy was celebrating his birthday in the City Centre, ends up stabbing three people


Matters took a bad turn when the boy takes up a knife at the square behind the Kiasma Modern Art Museum. The police were notified about the event right after midnight.

At the scene a teenage male had stabbed at least three persons. The East Helsinki native had just turned 15.

Three people ended up having injuries of varying degrees. A young female had been stabbed in the head and required stiches.

The perpertrator had also stabbed a man in the back of his hand. The third victim tells that he received a blow to the head.

The police are unaware of the motive and do not know if alcohol had a part in the incident.


Written by Janita on Sunday June 9, 2013
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