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Talula Wilde blog backup: F1 Grand Prick PART 2 #metoo

This is a backup of Talula Wilde sexual assault blog on where Kimi Räikkönen alledgedly sexually harrassed the Canadian waiter. The blog post is titled F1 Grand Prick PART 2 #metoo and was published on

I consciously removed your name from the blog post before I published it. I remember thinking with a name like yours, there would at least be media blowback. I didn’t want to cause you any harm.

I did nothing wrong. I was working. I clearly expressed my non-interest in your proposition. I did not consent. Yet you and your friend, in what felt like a very planned attack (you guys do this often?!) decide to demean and degrade me. Grope me. Touch me in places reserved for a chosen few. Yet, I protected you. I thought no one would believe a bottle waitress. I belittled myself. I am a ‘nobody’ and you are a ‘somebody’. The patriarchy won that day.

After it happened, I buried it. If it got brought up I would laugh and even defend you. “He was drunk!” It’s interesting what the brain does with trauma. Recently a male friend, a internationally renowned music producer said to me, “Talula, I’ve been drunk many, many times, blackout drunk even, and I have never grabbed a woman like that.” And he’s right. If you had driven drunk and killed someone, you would still be responsible. Why am I protecting you?

This past December I took up a waitressing shift working New Years Eve. Upon receiving and trying on my evenings outfit, a gold backless mini-dress with a high slit, I didn’t want to wear it. Immediately slipping into the black dress I had brought. My co-worker said, “Why not? It fits you perfectly.” “I dunno…what if someone touches me?” And that’s when it really hit me…

Anyone who knows me well knows I have never shied away from a revealing outfit, especially at work. My Velvet outfits were sexy and revealing and whatever I wanted and I was never afraid. I always felt comfortable. But when I tried on that dress, 2 years after you groped me — I felt afraid, anxious, and uncomfortable. How dare you make me feel this way. I was sexually empowered, I was confident in my body. You took this from me! Why am I protecting you??!?

I’m done protecting you. I did nothing wrong that night. You did. What you two did is illegal and immoral. And now I’m coming for you. I’m taking back my power and now it’s your turn to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Your team has been notified. I am taking you down and the whole world will be watching when I do.

#burnthepatriarchy #metoo

Written by Janita on Wednesday May 30, 2018
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