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News from Finland

This is an experimental news service that offers news from Finland in English. A venture from Malloc Enterprises, Inquiries by email: [email protected].

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Finnish business man hoaxed by Nigerian scam letter?

According to Zambian sources the well known Finnish business man Markku Ritaluoma and his associates in the Finnish Sunny Car Center have been hoaxed as the spokesman of Regina Chiluba reports the wife of the former pre…

Run WordPress on HTTP/2

HTTP/2 has been final since early 2015. Many of you may have unknowingly used HTTP/2 a lot due to good browser support.The server implementations have been lagging, but now you can run WordPress with PHP-FPM or HHVM eas…

DNA Announces first unlimited 4G mobile plan in Finland

Finnish telecom operator DNA announced the first unlimited mobile subscription in Finland. According to the company it is a first in the Nordic country. The operator states the new "DNA Rajaton 4G" subscription offers u…