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Ski resorts near Helsinki

Helsinki is in the southern part of Finland and the opportunities for skiing are quite limited compared to Lapland and the northern parts. However, there are decent opportunities to get your snowboarding or alpine skiing routine going in the areas a driving or bus ride away.

For ski resorts close to Helsinki, here is a brief listing of the nine most recommended resorts near the Helsinki area. These are not alpine grade resorts, but provide a convenient get away from the urban city life for residents.

They are also the perfect place for new comers to try winter sports like alpine skiing and snowboarding. Most of the places have an active ski school that will help you on your way as well as rental service for the skiing and snowboarding equiment.

Most locations are recommended to drive by car, but at least the Serena Ski and Talma Ski resorts can be accessed by bus from the Helsinki city centre.

Serena Ski, Espoo (26km, ~50min)

Serena Ski in Espoo is the closest location for downhill skiing in the Greater Helsinki region. The resort is small scale, has also some water park activities as well. It takes some 50 minutes to drive the 26 km from Helsinki to Serena Ski. The resort is north of Helsinki.

See the details and opening status on the Serena Ski website:

Tornikeskus, Klaukkala (28km, ~50min)

Klaukkalan Tornikeskus is located in the municipality of Klaukkala. In addition to snowboarding and skiing, customers can also enjoy Snowtubing. Driving from Helsinki to Klaukkalan Tornikeskus takes around 48 minutes for the 28 kilometer journey. Tornikeskus is northbound from Helsinki.

Details available online at the Tornikeskus website:

Peuramaa Ski, Kirkkonummi (31km, ~38min)

Peuramaa is located West of the capital in Kirkkonummi. The Kirkkonummi complex is easily accessible and has the basic necessities for skiing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding. The drive from Helsinki to Peuramaa Ski resort is 31 kilometres and takes an average of 38 minutes to get there.

More details available on the Peuramaa Ski website:

Talma Ski, Sipoo (35km, ~50min)

Talma Ski winter activity center is some 50 minutes drive from Helsinki. In addition to traditional alpine skiing the place offers a half pipe for snowboarders as well as a snow park. The route from Helsinki to Talma Ski is 35km on highway north of Helsinki.

More information on the Talma resort website:

Vihti Ski Center, Ojakkala (54km, ~53min)

Vihti Ski Center is located towards the west from Helsinki. The ski resorts operates a total of ten lifts - also during evenings. The complex often has good snow coverage, even if Helsinki has none or very little snow. The drive from Helsinki to Vihti Ski Center is just over 50 kilometers taking some 53 minutes.

Details on the Vihti Ski Center website:

Kokonniemi, Porvoo (53km, ~56min)

The Kokonniemi ski hill is located near the city of Porvoo towards the East from Helsinki. The resort has a modest setting, but comes complete with rental services. A few hours of skiing is a perfect companion to visiting the cultural sights in Porvoo. The drive from Helsinki to Kokonniemi Ski takes around one hour to cover the 54 kilometer distance.

Details on the Kokonniemi Ski website:

Sveitsi, Hyvinkää (62km, ~1h 10min)

The ski resort of Sveitsi is located north of Helsinki in Hyvinkää. Sveitsi is directly translated to Switzerland in Finnish, and the resort does have distant resemblance to the central European country in the facilities. The drive from Helsinki to Sveitsi is a bit long at over an hour, but worth it if you're looking for some variety for skiing in the Helsinki area.

More information on the Sveitsi Ski Resort website:

Messilä Ski, Hollola (110km, ~1h 46min)

Messilä is located near the city of Lahti, north from Helsinki. The resort is a well liked resort in Southern Finland and is definitely worth the longish drive of 110km for a day of skiing. There is also a mansion with activities and an excellent brunch. The route from Helsinki to Messilä Ski takes 1 hour and 46 minutes.

Find the details on the Messilä resort website:

Meriteijo Ski, Teijo (145km, ~2h 10min)

The Meriteijo ski resort is located west of Helsinki towards Turku. Located near the city of Salo the services are good even for a longer stay, with ample parking space for vehicles and also accomodation. For skiing there is good opportunities and also a ski school for the youngsters. Driving from Helsinki to Meriteijo Ski takes over two hours and is recommended for a long visit.

Find further information on the Meriteijo Ski website:

Ski resorts elsewhere in Finland

Finland is a large country with plenty of opportunities for winter sports. Find your favourite ski resort in Finland from the list below:

Äänemäki ski resort, Äkäslompolo ski resort, Ellivuori ski resort, Häkärinteet ski resort, Hetta Hiihtomaa ski resort, Hiittenharju ski resort, Himos ski resort, Iso-Syöte ski resort, Joupiska ski resort, Juupavaara ski resort, Kalli ski resort, Kasurila ski resort, Kiririnteet ski resort, Koli ski resort, Konka Ski ski resort, Korkeakangas ski resort, Laajis Laajavuori ski resort, Lakis ski resort, Lekotti ski resort, Levi ski resort, Louekeskus ski resort, Luosto Ski ski resort, Maarianrinteet ski resort, Mielakka ski resort, Mustavaara ski resort, Mustavuori ski resort, Öjberget ski resort, Olos ski resort, Ounasvaara ski resort, Paljakka ski resort, Pallas ski resort, Påminne ski resort, Parra ski resort, Perhe-Luosto ski resort, Pikku-Syöte ski resort, Puijon Rinteet ski resort, Pukkivuori ski resort, Purnu ski resort, Pyhä ski resort, Riihivuori Ski Resort ski resort, Ruka ski resort, Ruosniemi ski resort, Ruskotunturi ski resort, Ruunarinteet ski resort, Sappee ski resort, Simpsiö ski resort, Ski Saariselkä ski resort, Ski Tornimäki ski resort, Solvalla-Swinghill ski resort, Sotkanrinteet ski resort, Tahko ski resort, Taivalvaara ski resort, Ukkohalla ski resort, Uuperinrinteet ski resort, Varkaus Ski Center ski resort, Vuokatti ski resort, Ylläs ski resort


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