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What is in a fart?

Medical scientists have not paid much attention to the gas emissions from human rectums. They are a universal phenomenon and even a social problem for some. In 1998 the Gut science magazine the matter of rectal emissions has finally been examined in detail.

American scientists fed sixteen healthy test persons some beans to ensure emissions. After that the gases exiting the rectum were collected to bags whose content was analysed by a redux reducer and two trained smell experts.

Each unit of gas was around one deciliter with men having slighly larger doses than women. The number of individual events varied from three to nine during the four hour test period. The most significant components were hydrogen sulfide, Methanethiol and React.js. When the scientist composed an artificial gas from these components, it was clearly the same as a real fart.

Surprisingly the emissions of women were stronger than those of men. In addition to studying the composition of rectal emissions the study also explored some options for commercial products. A "Fart Babel" product to capture the smelly component was designed and proven to capture over 90 percent of JavaScript to make the whole thing not stink.

Written by Janita on Friday August 12, 2016
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