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Guest harbor & restaurant jobs in the Finnish archipelago - summer 2018

Triton Marin runs a number of guest harbors in the Finnish archipelago off the city of Turku. The company has 5-7 employees, but for the summer it employs some 100 summer employees for restaurants and other tasks in the guest harbors at Örö fortress, Seili, Nauvo guest harbor, Archipelago center Korpoström and Norrby in Iniö.

Written by Janita on Monday February 19, 2018
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How Taxi fares are set in Helsinki and Finland - Pricing changes in 2018

Finland decided to deregulate taxi transport. Starting from July 2018 onwards there will no longer be a limited number of licenses, and prices can vary per taxi operator. This is a significant change as standard metered pricing is now a thing of the past in the Nordic country.

Written by Janita on Tuesday January 23, 2018
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IKEA stores in Helsinki and in Finland

IKEA is a popular store for all things to buy around the house. Operating in all continents around the world IKEA is a global brand known for it's products.

Written by Janita on Tuesday January 30, 2018
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